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FREEJOO is the largest online community of Educators in Asia. Here, you can network with educators from all around Asia, collaborate on projects, exchange ideas, access the best professional development courses which help you enhance your pedagogical and technical skills needed to design and facilitate engaging courses for the 21st-century learner, learn to use digital tools which enable you to design and build your lessons easily and quickly and so much more!
It is a private social network, for educators.

It is a platform for professional development where educators can go to up-skill themselves.

It is a platform for educators that makes it easy for them to design and build engaging courses for their learners.
It is an e-commerce platform for educators making it easy for them to purchase different products and services at educational prices.
It is a job portal for education institutes to find qualified academic and administrative staff.
A Class Pass on FREEJOO designED simply means, a course or a lesson. So if you have 5 Class Passes as part of your Premium Membership Plan, then it means that you can create up to 5 different courses or lessons and make them available to your learners.
The number of students that can be enrolled in a class on FREEJOO skillED will depend on the number of student licenses available as part of your Membership Plan. So for example, if you have 100 student licenses then you can enroll a maximum of 100 students in your class.
Yes! You can. If you need to add more than 5 Class Passes or need to enroll more than 100 students at a time, just purchase the optional Class Pack at US$5/mo or US$50/yr. This will give you an additional 5 Class Passes and 100 Student Licenses.
The course creator/teachers own all the copyright of the lessons they create on FREEJOO designED. We at Akadasia own the copyright of all the courses/lessons that we have created on FREEJOO designED.

Yes! Currently, teachers can create courses/lessons in any of the following languages: 1. English 2. Bahasa Indonesia 3. Hindi 4. Vietnamese. More languages will be added in due course.

Yes, absolutely! If you already use another learning management system (Google Classroom, Canvas, Moodle, etc.), you can still sign up as a member & develop yourself to be a 21st-century teacher. Our courses are tech-agnostic. Plus, you can do so much more on FREEJOO!
A webinar does not provide actual hands-on practical guidance & knowledge. Our courses are designed to provide teachers with a hands-on experience by allowing them to learn & then immediately apply the skill sets learned, followed by a 1-to-1 course feedback session.
Yes, absolutely! We have many payment options available in your country’s local currency. Please select the appropriate payment options at the time of checkout.
FREEJOO is a community of educators and not just a Learning Management System.
To begin with, you get 10 (ten) free professional development courses under the FREE membership plan, whereas under the Premium membership plan, you get more than 50 (fifty) courses. Additionally, you can create 0 (zero) courses under the FREE membership plan, whereas under the Premium membership plan, you can create a minimum of 5 (five) courses and enroll up to 100 (hundred) learners in those courses you create. Furthermore, on the Premium Membership plan, you can view and apply for jobs and you can get member discounts for items you purchase through marketED.

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